Our Services

IT Consultancy/ Advisory Services

The consultancy function offers specialist help and advice on all aspects of ICT in your business; including Recruitment, Training, Administration, Management, Web/Online activities.

Some of the services we offer includes:-

  • Review and audit of ICT facilities and operations.
  • Aligning the ICT resources and strategy with the strategy for the company
  • Review and creation of job descriptions and schedules for ICT staff
  • Advice on capital expenditure, training and support requirements

German Visa Advisory.

We guarantee you 100% success, if you consult us before you commence your Visa process.

  • Have you been having visa rejection.
  • Don’t you know how to put up a winning visa application.
  • Even if you know what to do, you can never be too sure.

If Your application is been handled by an agent ( consult us before meeting them or even if you have met them- because we have had cases where agents mismanage people’s application) – they will never tell you if you will fail or success; so they can collect their processing fee from you. Be wise

  • We will expose the technicalities in the visa process project.
  • We will simulate a real life process for you to gain advantage.
  • We will overhaul it for you.

Write us on info@pncnigeria.org, pnconsulting.nigeria@gmail.com , or call 08093309005.

Visit our website on www.pncnigeria.org to learn about us.

Everything is a project.

NB. We do not process Visa, we assist you to break any challenges you might face.

Hardware/ Software Services

Some of the services we offer includes:-

  • Acquiring Software and Hardware
  • developing tailor made software
  • Computer Care and Repair
  • File archiving, System¬†Help for Staff
  • Computer Networking


Some of the services we offer includes:-

  • Proffering expert advise on administration to organisations
  • Administering expert drugs to Organisations
  • Planning Lean Management
  • Advising on relevant Training Need. etc

Web designing/Website Management/ Online Data Entry

Some of the services we offer includes:-

  • Designing professional website
  • Managing your website/updates
  • Sourcing of information and Entering of records on clients website
  • Checking for client website blacklist and white-listing same.
  • Domain registration

Business Development

Some of the services we offer includes:-

  • Partnership development, business registration
  • Strategic market development and sales using IT
  • Strategic marketing using IT
  • New business line exploration
  • Channel sales using IT
  • New product development

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